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Date Theme Topic
1. Saturday, 23 Feb. The Incomparable Jesus What place has the Galilean in this confused world?
2. Sunday, 24 Feb. Who Are You, Galilean?
Discovering Jesus in the light of the latest historical evidences
3. Tuesday, 26 Feb. The War of the Worlds
Michael the Archangel and the cosmic conflict
4. Wednesday, 27 Feb. A Lamb in Eden
The forbidden fruit, Cain and Abel, the Babel Tower ... episodes in an unseen war
5. Friday, 1 March Jesus of Nazareth
The surprise reaction of God to Satan's innuendoes
6. Saturday, 2 March The Brazen Serpent Life can have a new beginning
7. Sunday, 3 March Revolution in Samaria How faith is born in the heart of a sinner
8. Tuesday, 5 March The Battle for Man. The story of the Rich Young Ruler
Authentic Christianity begins by taking the cross
9. Wednesday, 6 March Confrontation in the Wilderness
An awesome vision on Jesus' temptation and ours
10. Friday, 8 March It Is Written. Between modernism and tradition, Jesus stands for the Scriptures
11. Saturday, 9 March The Paradox of Forgiveness
How is Christ going to reconcile mercy and justice in His dealings with the sinner woman?
12. Sunday, 10 March The Genius of Christianity Irrepressible power hidden in Christ's Sermon on the Mount
13. Tuesday, 12 March Healing at Bethesda
The fight over God's gift of rest
14. Wednesday, 13 March Lazarus' Resurrection
What can Lazarus tell about life beyond death?
15. Friday, 15 March The Last Judgment
How is a God of mercy going to punish?
16'. Saturday, 16 March Special program
Sabbath day service
16. Saturday, March 16 The Final Revelation
The shocking promise of Christ before His crucifixion
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Broadcast time: broadcast time would be 17:15 to 18:15 GMT preceded by the technical slate.
Territory: NSSK Satellite - EUD, TED, ESD - (western)
Speaker: Lucian Cristescu
English Translation: Michele Catarama
Theme: Those who will participate in this 16 sermon series will follow a dynamic progression, from the discovery of this Great Incognito (section A) to a discovery of His impact on man (section B) leading finally to a discovery of the consequences of walking with Jesus in the drama of the Great Controversy (section C). The nightly program will also contain original music as well as interview with significant persons. A hot-line for interaction with the viewers will be made available. Possibly video streaming on Internet. A series of practical answers (8 minutes each) to life's most challenging situations will be presented under the title: Life at Its Best (or Life at Its Superlative).
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