NeXt Millennium SEMINAR 
Your Future on the Eve of 2000
NeXt Millennium Seminar
On October 9, 1998, a series of globally televised meetings will begin. It is expected that there will be over 2500 downlink meeting locations in North America alone. The potential viewing audience is in the millions. You will not want to miss out! The new 'NeXt Millennium Seminar: Finding a Forever Friendship with God' will cover the Bible's greatest themes and prophecies, focusing through it all on the compelling love of God for this civilization. The meetings will extend through November 14, 1998, on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings. 

Dwight K. Nelson, senior pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church, popular camp meeting speaker and author, will be the featured speaker for NET '98. Pastor Nelson's inspiring messages have gripped the hearts of young and old on the campus of Andrews University in the more than 14 years that he has pastored there. Pastor Nelson's sermon series on Creation is now available online: "God of the Gaps and the Ends of Evolution". 

For more information, visit our welcome page. The upcoming televised programs, and this web site are provided in several languages. Please take a look at the Online Video Archive. You will want to check for meeting locations near you, and preview the nightly topics and satellite downlink information. 

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